6 Ways to Improve Water Retention in Crops Part 1

Many people seek farms for sale in Florida with the intent of growing crops. Whether they’re looking to sell them commercially, establish a “farm to table” concept, or be more conscious about what they feed their families, farming is hard, noble work that pays dividends with time. However, farming can be challenging, especially as we head into the fall. One of the biggest issues to address is water retention. Luckily, there are a number of tried and true methods for ensuring moist soil.

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To be a great farmer, you must know the tips and tricks. Here are a few best practices to follow:


Take a 1-2 inch layer of mulch and spread it around the plants after they’ve started to grow. Mulch absorbs moisture from rainwater. It can prevent weeds from growing and serve as an excellent source of nourishment for soil bacteria. Additionally, mulch keeps soil cool, which helps it retain water as well. Overall, mulch is a vital part of making your soil healthier.

Dig a Swale

An additional way to retain water is by digging a swale. A swale is a ditch that’s dug alongside the outer parts of the land. Swales are used to collect, hold and sink water and prevent it from going down hill. This tactic is most suited for the hilly landscapes of northern Florida.

Create Berms

Inversely, farmers can create a berm, a raised plot of land to seal in water by preventing runoff. Berms can be used in tandem with swales to retain water by using the berm to direct water to a swale.

For more tips, visit part two of this series.

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