4 Steps to Take Before Purchasing Acres

Are you looking at acres for sale in Florida? Buying acreage is a great step but you should consider the many steps before it. For example, when drafting a budget to buy acreage, you must include a down payment, conversion costs, interest on your loan, and any property taxes. Here are four steps to take before purchasing acreage for sale in Florida.

Find Acreage & Homesites for Sale

Compare Data From Property Sold in the Area

If you have an agent, ask them to provide sales data for you to compare the properties nearby. If there is a multi-listing magazine, take a look at it. If not, make the contract contingent upon a satisfactory appraisal. Next, get an appraiser and pay to have the price evaluated.

Get What You Need

Five acres or more is very spacious and conducive for those wanting a home, driveway, garden, and other non-fenced areas. However, if you want horses, you should consider 15 acres or more because each horse needs an average of five to nine acres depending on how you decide to raise the horse. If you plan to grow crops, you will need to determine the crops and the space necessary for each crop and its season. Come to terms with what you need and what you can afford before you buy land.

Know the Problems

As you search for acreage for sale in Florida, you will begin to notice differences in soils, roads, water, septic systems and road access. Check for flood plains, wiring and plumbing issues, foundational issues, areas with access problems, water quality, and noise problems. Find out about the water tables and even what it would cost to drill a well. Verify the governmental rules and enforcements where you would like to buy; there may be ordinances in place that affect livestock, fencing, setting up specific utilities and lines, etc.

When looking to invest in acreage for sale in Florida, our team of agents at SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler know agriculture and the nuances of land use. We are committed to working with you to find the perfect property.

Find Acreage & Homesites for Sale