How Many Acres of Land Should You Buy? Part 1

After making a decision to purchase acreage for sale in Florida, the first concern you’ll likely have is the number of acres you should buy. This article will help you hone in on the number of acres that will suit your unique needs. Part two concludes our series with a brief look at other considerations to think about before purchasing land.

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It Depends on Your Purpose for the Land

Getting a precise estimate of the number of acres you’ll need is important because you don’t want to buy too much land or too little. If you’re prudent with your cash flow, you don’t want to spend more than necessary to accomplish your purposes for the land. So what will you use the land for?


Keep in mind that if you want the land to raise animals, you need to assess how many acres per animal you’ll need. To grow crops, you’ll need to determine how many acres are needed for the specific types of crops you’ll grow. All these questions need to be answered before moving forward.

To Invest

If you want to buy land for investment purposes only, you need to invest in high-quality acres for sale in Florida. High-quality land is land that can be used for different purposes, is located in a desirable area, and is free of road access issues. This will yield a higher ROI down the line.

For Hunting

The number of acres you purchase depends on the type of wildlife you’ll hunt, your style of hunting, and the number of people who will hunt on your property. Avoid purchasing land near commercial development. Also, think about the people who live around you. Whatever they do with their land could affect the type of animals that will and will not cross your land.

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