How to Start a Sod Farm Business Part 2

While some people purchase land for recreation or to build their dream home, others are interested in Florida agricultural land for sale as an investment. While there are a number creative options to get a return on your investment, the option we will discuss today is simple and effective. Businesses across Florida are looking to purchase sod for their landscaping needs. Whether its a homeowner, a landscaping company or a park department, sod is in high demand.

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The question is “how to get started.” In the first part of our guide to starting a sod farm, we discussed you initial steps for starting your business. In this part, we will go into more detail about what it takes to provide sod for customers and sustain a thriving business.

Invest in Equipment and Manpower

In order to grow and harvest sod, you are going to need several items. This includes:

In terms of manpower, you will need individuals who are able to harvest sod and get it onto delivery trucks. Sod is heavy so you’ll need workers who can handle a heavy load.

Marketing Your Sod

Whatever niche you choose to work with, you will have to actively market your product. This could be anything from formal online or print advertising to attending trade shows and other events. In terms of the type of consumer that you choose to market to, you have a few options. Some sod farmers work with brokers who go out and market sod for them. Others work with landscaping companies. You may also work directly with land development companies or individual consumers. Whatever market segment you choose, it’s critical to know the nuances of working with those consumers. Including, the type of grasses they like, their buying cycles and how to engage them.

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