The Auction Advantage

Accelerated Marketing for the 21st Century


Why Auction?

Immediate Results:

Auction marketing allows clients to sell and close real property in 30-45 days and bypass the uncertainty of the traditional real estate market. Saunders representatives consult with clients to determine the timetable, terms and conditions of the auction.

Creates Urgency and Excitement:

A properly promoted and planned auction forces buyers to act. Other sales methods do not create the urgency and excitement to close the deal quickly. Auctions demand decisiveness and capitalize on the energy created when a group of buyers are bidding competitively against each other. Each progressive bid reaffirms the value of the property.

Reduces Holding Costs:

Auctions reduce the holding costs of real property, including interest, taxes, maintenance and liability. The shortened marketing period of the auction allows these costs to terminate quickly. Other sales methods may leave the seller responsible for these costs for an indefinite period.

Control of Terms:

The terms and conditions of the auction are established by Saunders and the seller. Each auction is custom tailored to the sellers needs and carefully evaluated to determine the most appropriate (and cost effective) method of auctioning the property. The result is simple – Saunders obtains fair market value for the property. Saunders may explore other alternatives, such as 1031 exchanges and equity bidding.

Effective Marketing:

Auction marketing notifies prospective bidders of the auction while creating urgency and excitement. Each marketing plan is designed to impact bidders and progressively builds towards auction day. Email blasts, print media, social media, mailers, signage, radio, even television ads may be included in the marketing plan. The goal is to ensure that all prospective bidders are aware of the sale and ready to bid on auction day.

Why Saunders Auctions?

The Saunders team is comprised of real estate and auction professionals with over $1 Billion in collective sales since 1997. Our dedicated team has successfully sold real estate across America and throughout the world. Saunders’ knowledge and experience allows our clients to achieve top dollar and a timely closing.

Make the right decision – choose Saunders Auctions!