James Edwards

Senior Advisor

863.248.5991 james.edwards@svn.com

James Edwards, AICP is a Senior Advisor at SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate in Lakeland, Florida.

James has 40 years of real estate development and redevelopment experience in both the public and private sectors. He brings value to his clients by finding creative solutions and uses for difficult properties, whether leasing or selling.

James has personally built over 300,000 square feet of new development and has renovated historic residences and an historic commercial property on speculation.

Edwards is known for accomplishing results beyond expectations and for his extensive knowledge of urban and traditional neighborhood development and design, his ability to work with regulatory authorities, and his persistence.

Edwards holds a Master of Science in Planning from The Florida State University where he received the APA Outstanding Student Award. He also holds the AICP certification. Edwards earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida and is a registered landscape architect.


• Real Estate Development
• Urban and Traditional Redevelopment
• Financial and Market Analysis
• Site evaluation & Selection
• Acquisition, Disposition, Leasing