John T. Vogel II

Associate Advisor


John T. “Jay” Vogel II is an Associate Advisor at SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate in Lakeland, Florida.

Jay is also the Operations and Environmental Services Manager at Natural Resource Planning Services (NRPS) and has over ten years of experience in the environmental and forestry fields. His work focuses on land management, permitting, and prescribed fire, and he has extensive experience with wetland mitigation banks managed under conservation easements that protect and enhance vegetative communities and restore hydrological systems including three years working for US Army Corps of Engineers as an ecologist.

Jay is an FWC Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent, a full member of the Association of Consulting Foresters, and a member of the Florida Farm Bureau Forestry Advisory Committee. He is also a FL Certified Burn Manager and Pile Burner and leads the prescribed burning program for NRPS.

Jay is a 5th generation Floridian, has a master’s degree in Natural Resources from the Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and has a bachelor’s degree in Ecology & Land-Use Planning from Harvard University. In addition to serving as chairman of a national environmental education non-profit, he is the elected building and zoning commissioner and Mayor Pro Tem of the City of San Antonio, Florida.

• Association of Consulting Foresters – Full Member
Florida Forest Service Certified Prescribed Burn Manager
Florida Forest Service Certified Pile Burner
• International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist (Wildfire Risk • Reduction Qualified)
• Florida Fish and Wildlife Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent
• Forestry Advisory Committee Member of the Florida Farm Bureau
• City Commissioner and Mayor Pro Tem of the City of San Antonio, Florida
• Chairman of the Board of Directions of Earth Force, Inc.
• Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the San Antonio Citizens • • • Federal Credit Union
• Member of the Florida Forestry Association
• Member of the Society of American Foresters
• Florida Natural Resources Leadership Institute
• Saint Anthony Catholic School Advisory Board Member


• Timberland
• Conservation Easements
• Recreational Land
• Conservation Banks
• Gopher Tortoise Recipient Sites
• Wetland Mitigation Banks
• Agricultural Land