Keat Waldron

Sales Associate



Keat Waldron is a Sales Associate with CBC Saunders Real Estate, working with property owners and investors throughout the state to provide knowledge and assistance in Recreational/Hunting, Ranch land, and agricultural type properties.

Keat knows fostering relationships and understanding the needs of buyers and sellers throughout the transaction process are key to ensuring success for all parties involved.

Keat holds a Bachelor of Science in Food and Resource Economics with a specialization in Agribusiness and Marketing Management, along with a minor in Business Administration from the University of Florida (UF). Upon graduation, Keat worked as a licensed real estate associate and auctioneer for one of the most prominent real estate auction firms in the country.

Keat is a 7th-generation Floridian from Sebring and grew up with a passion for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors, which helped develop his keen interest in the field of real estate over the years. Keat currently resides in Lakeland, Florida.

• Florida Real Estate Associate
• Florida Auctioneer


• Recreation/Hunting Land
• Ranch Land
• Agricultural Land