How SVN Saunders Real Estate Can Help You Buy Land in Florida

Land has great potential as an investment, but it also has many pitfalls that can catch an unsuspecting landowner. Buying land in Florida is very different from purchasing a home with a completely different set of considerations. Done properly, a land purchase might be the best investment you can make. However, without good advice from a knowledgeable real estate sales associate, it could end up costing you more than you expected when you buy land in Florida.

Buying Land in Florida: Let SVN Saunders Real Estate Help You Avoid the Traps

One problem that might not be readily obvious and can render your land purchase almost worthless, is the improper subdivision of property. Many times, the problem is caused by a well-intentioned seller who decides to subdivide his land into smaller acreage or lots for sale. If the subdivision is not done properly, you may not be able to build or improve the property in any way. SVN Saunders Real Estate sales associates are experienced with land sales and can help you avoid traps such as this when buying land in Florida. Be sure to check our land for sale in Florida listings.

Things to Consider before You Buy Land: Florida Land Use Rules and Zoning

Be sure to check the county zoning and land use planning before you buy land. Florida long-term land planning might turn the area into a landfill, while you are busy saving and planning for your retirement home.

Be aware of any easements and setbacks that exist on the land. Existing easements might interfere with your planned use of the property. Make sure you investigate existing easements before you buy land. Florida properties can sometimes have access problems, especially in remote areas. Don’t assume that you have access just because a road currently exists. If the road is built across a neighbor’s land, even with their permission, you could lose access in the future when their needs change. Make sure that you have legal access and make sure you know who pays for road maintenance. Otherwise, you might find after purchasing the property that you are required to pave the road at your own expense.

Work with a Sales Associate Experienced in Land Development and Management When You Buy Florida Land

Your SVN Saunders Real Estate sales associate will make sure you are aware of these issues and any others that might affect your property before you buy Florida land.

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