CBC Saunders Ralston Dantzler Realty Co-Hosts Annual BBQ Event for 2nd Year

CBC Saunders Ralston Dantzler Realty co-hosted for the second year, the BBQ held annually by CBC Saunders Real Estate. The annual event was started by CBC  Saunders Real Estate eight years ago.  The event, held in late October or first of November each year, gathers clients, friends, vendors, and elected officials for what is known as “just a get-together to have fun.”

Held in “The Barn” of Leland and Wanda Young in Alturas, FL, guests were surrounded by walls loaded with interesting antique signs, tools, and farm implements. Over 300 guests enjoyed a homemade BBQ dinner. Dean Saunders and sales agents personally cook the BBQ meat in a trailer-sized professional BBQ cooker for 24 hours to create the best BBQ found. All side dishes, cowboy beans, potato salad, rolls, and desserts were prepared by the Saunders’ family, wife Gina, daughter Lauren, staff Brigid Quill, and others.

Music and food were the agenda, along with the special announcement and unveiling of the 8th commissioned painting for 2012.