4 Things to Decide on Before Investing in a Sod Farm

Sod can profit you at $6000 or more an acre. Sod is used in golf courses, landscapes, and sporting complexes. Because of its high demand, you should consider the investment. To begin you are going to need to purchase or rent some property where you can grow and care for the sod. Our experts in farm land for sale in central Florida have brought you the four things to decide on before investing in a sod farm.

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What is Your Starting Point?

It all begins with the amount of capital that you’re going to need to get started. First, you will need to invest in equipment to care for and harvest the sod. Most seed stores will rent a grass seeder and roller to anyone who does business with them. Second, determine what you would like your short-term and long-term profits to be and work from there. Third, since you will be conducting sales as a business, you will also have to consider the cost of a retail sales license. Lastly, don’t forget to factor in the cost of pesticides and other forms of maintenance into your capital. The yield is extremely attractive but the payoff comes only once and only after a full year of care. Please plan accordingly. The good news is that according to IRS Revenue Ruling 77-12, you can claim a deduction for the resources depleted from sod sold from your land.

Plant the Best Grass Seed

Invest in your sod by buying the best grade of seed out there. Treat your plot of sod the same way you’d treat any lawn or pasture. Ask your local plant nursery or seed store for the best blend of seed in your area.

Know Your Soil

Sod farms can’t be placed just anywhere. If you’re starting out with a rough patch of land and low capital then a sod farm might not be the best solution. They need to have soil rich enough to grow a wide variety of grasses. With time you can improve the quality of the soil but it’s best to know the quality of your soil from the onset.

Secure Irrigation Options

People who don’t irrigate their sod will eventually lose their sod. If a dry spell occurs, then you lose some of your capital and some of your profit. If necessary, meet with someone to discuss the irrigation options to help your grass grow.

With a minimal amount of effort and after deciding on these four things, you may find that a sod farm is lucrative and enjoyable.

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