How to Buy Farms for Sale in Florida

Buying a farm for sale in Florida can be very challenging. You must be sure that the land conditions will support the types of agriculture that you have in mind. For example, an orange grove requires the right climate, the right soil, and enough water for irrigation, along with a number of other ideal conditions to consider.


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Other types of agriculture and crops have their own lists of ideal conditions. Getting all of these conditions right, in the areas you are interested in, and in your target price range takes more than just looking through a list of farms for sale in Florida. For this reason, it makes sense to work with an agent who is not only experienced in Florida land sales, but who also has a background in agriculture and understands all of the conditions required to find the best land for your farm.

Potential Pitfalls to Watch For

A great deal of planning is required before making a decision on whether or not to invest in Florida farms for sale. Before you make a purchasing decision there are two things you will want to be familiar with, and if you’re not familiar with these items enlist the help of someone who is. The first thing you will want to know about is the local topography of the land; this includes soil conditions and land elevation. The second key element of successful farming is your water source.

Local Topography

If you are unfamiliar with the terrain of farms for sale in Florida, you may end up finding yourself in a big heap of trouble. There are many desirable farms for sale in Florida, but not all farms available will be suitable for every type of agriculture. Readying a piece of property that is not suitable for your intended land use could run you thousands of dollars and a lot time. It is important to understand the property and its potential uses before jumping into a sale. Soil conditions play a major role in determining whether a piece of property is suitable for your intended land use. Knowing the land elevation can also determine whether a property is susceptible to flooding or not. This is especially important to know so you can be better prepared for Florida’s heavy rain seasons. Our SVN | Saunders Real Estate agents know the lay of the land and can help you focus on the farms for sale in Florida that will meet your specific needs.

Water Availability

Another valuable element of Florida farm land for sale is water availability. Having access to a natural water source like a lake or nearby river is very beneficial for any type of Florida agriculture. If there is no existing water supply, it may require that water be drawn from the ground. This means hiring someone to come onto the property to drill a well and install a water system, and depending on the size of the property possibly having two or more wells installed. This process can quickly become expensive since it is difficult to gauge how deep you would have to drill before reaching ground water, if the water is suitable for irrigation, or if there is even ground water available underneath the property. With the help of our SVN | Saunders Real Estate agents you can rest assure that our due diligence will be done to match you with the farm of your dreams.

We are Experts When it Comes to Florida Farms for Sale

Many people choose their REALTOR® for his or her knowledge of the local real estate market and their ability to relate to him personally. This is important, but when purchasing land or farm property, it is important to find an agent or sales associate with experience in farming and farm management. At SVN | Saunders Real Estate, our agents are experienced in farming and agribusiness with a wide range of agricultural backgrounds. Our experience includes farm management, agricultural research, ranching, cattle, grove/orchard management, horses, row crop farming, conservation, land and resource management and much more. Use our knowledge and expertise when it comes to Florida farm land for sale to help you narrow down the choices to only Florida farms for sale that best meet your needs.

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