3 Ways Farmland Owners Can Practice Sustainable Farming

It is an incredible achievement and privilege to own one of the many farms for sale in Florida. Farm ownership is a safe and lucrative investment, but with it comes great responsibility. Aside from making a great profit, sustainability is a major concern. Sustainability is about producing food and other products in a healthy and efficient way without compromising people, the environment, animals or other vital resources.
Farm owners must approach agriculture with a mindset to work with natural resources instead of against them. The following are simple ways to practice sustainability.

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1. Manage Animal Grazing

Animal grazing is the simple process of moving animals to different pastures to graze in order to improve the conditions of the land and pasture. Grazing allows the forage a resting period to ensure it has the opportunity to regrow and be replenished with nutrients. Managed grazing also enhances livestock production because it gives them a range of nutrients and reduces the occurrence of plant diseases or infections.

2. Sell Locally

Selling food locally is also a form of sustainable farming for several reasons. For one, locally sold food keeps money flowing into the local economy. Small farmers can also make a decent living when the community supports them. Locally grown and sold food requires less packaging and is chocked full of nutrients due to the shorter time between harvesting and getting to your table. Another benefit is the decrease in transportation costs and the reduction of fuel emissions which is beneficial to the economy and environment.

3. Crop Diversity and Rotation

Crop diversity is an important component of global food security. As populations continue to rise and environmental resources dwindle, it is important that crop diversity is practiced to provide nutritious and affordable food for all. Multiple varieties of a crop provide more genetic diversity which means that the crop will experience less disease and pest issues. Additionally, crop rotation is a technique that ensures soil remains healthy and full of nutrients. Crop rotation also prevents plant disease.

In Conclusion

The above methods are not the only ways to practice sustainable farming. There are plenty more including hydroponically grown vegetables and alternative energy. If you plan to pursue farms for sale in Florida, seek out meaningful ways to reduce energy use, optimize resources, and manage water better. Doing so will bring rewards to your bottom line.

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