Best Livestock to Raise on Florida Farms

Agricultural farming is very plentiful in sunny Florida. If you plan on investing in a farm for sale in Florida, do you plan to raise livestock? If so, have you thought about what type of livestock you want to raise?

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The three major types of livestock in Florida are:

1. Dairy Farms

Florida’s second biggest industry is agriculture, with dairy farming playing a major role. Florida has over 130 dairy farms, 122,000 dairy cows, and produces more than 272 million gallons of fresh milk every year. Dairy farms in Florida can have anywhere between 50 to 5,000 cows, usually Holsteins (the black and white cows) which is important to consider when contemplating a dairy farm. Acres of open pastures with green grass is a must with a dairy farm, and it is necessary to decide ahead of time what you will be feeding the cows.

2. Cattle Farms

Florida’s cattle industry ranks in the top 15 in the United States. There are over 1 million head of cattle and 15,000 beef producers throughout Florida. As with a dairy farm, it’s best to have open pastures, and to plan ahead in a feeding plan for your cattle.

3. Horse Farms

There are over 500,000 horses in Florida, and over 60% of those horses are involved in showing and recreation. Horse farms can be used for breeding, training, and boarding as well, making it a popular area to invest in. 440,000 Floridians are involved in the industry as horse owners, service providers, employees, and volunteers. Even more participate as spectators.

In addition to dairy and cattle farms, other livestock that are commonly found on farms for sale in Florida are pigs, chicken, goats, sheep, and llamas.

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