Starting a Farm Enterprise

Are you an investor and interested in purchasing Florida farms for sale to start a farming enterprise? While owning a farm in Florida can provide many tangible and intangible benefits, there are many factors that go into starting a farming enterprise that must be taken into consideration. Are you familiar with what is required, what steps to take first? If not, this guide is intended to assist you in taking the first step towards farmland ownership.


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Below, we will outline four considerations investors should take into account before starting a new farming enterprise.


The location of your property is going to dictate what farming activities can be performed on your land. For example, northern Florida farms for sale may not be ideal for growing citrus trees due to varying winter patterns. Instead, these crops are better suited for warmer, wetter regions of Florida including Polk, Hendry, St. Lucie, and Indian River counties. There are important subtleties to every property, so it is recommended to be become familiar with these before starting a farming enterprise.


Starting a farming enterprise is very similar to starting a new business. Much like a business, farming enterprises require a great deal of planning and strategizing. New farms should have a well designed farm business plan that includes the infrastructure and financial needs of the farm, the viability of marketing strategies, the goals of the farm and strategies for achieving those goals, and the owner’s production capacity and working knowledge.


Another key consideration when looking to purchase farms for sale in Florida for a new farming enterprise is the market. What crops do you intend to produce on your lands? Are consumers willing and able to purchase them for the timing, quality, and quantity that you can deliver? How will the products be transported, stored, and sold? Who will pay for these services?

Availability and Timing of Machinery, Labor Management

Availability and timing of machinery and labor management is also a very important consideration that investors of Florida farms for sale must take into account when making a purchase. Investors may run into scheduling problems with labor, management and machinery during peak seasons and costs for these resources may significantly vary over the course of a year.

When starting a new farming enterprise, you must consider the cost of acquiring new equipment or custom-hiring the services needed for operations. For labor intensive crops, producers must consider the cost of maintaining a labor force for the management and maintenance of those products.

For many farming activities, there is a heavy dependence on hired labor. In an effort to avoid disruption of operations, many producers choose to hire and maintain a stable labor force throughout the year.

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