FL Land for Sale

Benefits of Buying or Leasing FL Land for Sale or Lease with SVN Saunders Real Estate

If you are looking to buy or lease Florida land, you will find that there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of these properties are excellent deals, but others hold hidden problems for a future owner or leaseholder. Working with an experienced sales associate from SVN | Saunders Real Estate can help you determine which properties present the best opportunities for you. Our sales associates are experienced with land sales and leases and have the knowledge you need to find the right land deal.

Working with a SVN Saunders Real Estate Sales Associate When Buying Land in Florida for Sale

Your SVN Saunders Real Estate sales associate will help you find the best properties and negotiate the purchase of land at a fair price. Your sales associate will help you compare the amenities available on differing properties and find the best opportunities for your specific needs. To search for FL Land for Sale, be sure to check our list of land for sale in Florida.

Investigate Zoning and Future Use Plans on Land for Sale FL

Your SVN Saunders Real Estate sales associate can help you investigate future land-use planning and zoning to determine what these plans mean for your use. Know the plans that the county has for each of tract of land for sale. FL county plans can make a big difference in choosing a property that will appreciate in value and support your future use.

Flooding Problems on Land for Sale in FL

It is imperative to investigate the elevation of the property and local soil conditions to determine whether the property might be susceptible to flooding during the rainy season or hurricane events.

This is another benefit of working with a SVN Saunders Real Estate sales associate who is an expert on Florida land management. Some areas drain quickly with no problems, other areas tend to collect water during a rain event. Pay special attention if the target property is lower in elevation than surrounding properties. Investigate how well existing drainage structures work, if any are present. Having a drainage canal present probably means that the property had a flooding problem. It does not necessarily mean that the problem has been solved. Our experienced sales associates can help you determine whether flooding is a potential problem on land for sale in FL and whether the problem areas can be easily drained.

Avoid Land for Lease in Florida Pitfalls With SVN Saunders Real Estate

Land for Lease in Florida has the same potential pitfalls as FL land for sale. Once you sign the lease, it could be up to you to solve potential problems that might interfere with your use. Working with a real estate sales associate who is experienced with land for lease in Florida can help you avoid these potential pitfalls, or have them addressed prior to signing the lease. To search for great leasing opportunities, be sure to check our list of land for lease in Florida.

Purchasing Land in Florida for Sale

When purchasing land, you have so many choices that it may be hard to decide which property is best. Be aware that the lowest price properties may hide the most problems. Unless you are experienced in purchasing land, it is best to work with a sales associate experienced with land. Florida for sale by owner properties often have problems that can be easily discovered by an experienced land sales associate.

Florida Land for Sale: Owner Financing May Not Indicate a Bargain

In today’s market, many land owners are offering owner financing to facilitate a sale, creating opportunities for the savvy land buyer. However, the process of obtaining financing often reveals existing problems on a property. Therefore, when a land owner offers owner financing and does not want you to pursue other financing options, this might indicate a problem that the owner would rather you not know about. Working with an experienced land sales associate protects you from these types of situations and leaves you free to consider the many choices available in Florida Land for Sale. Owner financing can be a great opportunity, but don’t let it hide potential problems from view.

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