6 Reasons to Consult With Land Professionals Before Investing in a Cattle Ranch Part 1

If you are interested in making a considerable land investment in Florida, there are many important things to assess before you purchase property. In this two-part article, we will discuss several essential things that prospective landowners should consider when they invest in a cattle ranch. Remember, the first step to buying land is to contact the specialty group of land professionals at Saunders Real Estate. From feasibility tests to property valuations, we analyze properties that feature timber, agriculture, ranching, cattle, farming, and conservation easements.

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Buying Goals

When you are considering making an investment in a farm or ranch, the first question every buyer should ask themselves is “why am I buying the land and what are my expectations?” This may seem elementary, but when you are investing, you need to know exactly what your goals are for the property in order to ensure that your vision aligns with the assets of the land and the property value. You can also avoid several pitfalls in the process. When you consult with a land professional, the more information you can convey to them about your landowning objectives, the easier it is for the land expert to navigate you through the buying process and ensure you are purchasing land that suits your needs.

Time Management

Many investors make the mistake of buying land and underestimating the amount of time they will take out of their busy schedule to develop the land and maximize their investment. If you are not 100 percent familiar with the land buying process or have experience developing a cattle ranch, there are countless things you may be failing to consider during the buying process. When you contact a land professional, they not only evaluate the land, they can also give you an accurate assessment of how much of your time it will take to meet the goals you have set for your cattle ranch. This can be invaluable advice for a new cattle ranch owner.

Investing in Livestock

If you are new to the cattle ranch owning experience, you likely do not understand the process of buying, budgeting, and determining the capacity of livestock for your ranch. Some investors have a grandiose plan, but do not understand the logistics and costs of how to develop quality livestock. Have you considered the annual budget for feed, hay, vet bills, or pasture costs? What about other essential aspects that impact the quality of the cattle such as the soil type or vegetation? A knowledgeable land professional considers every aspect of the property and understands how all of these elements can factor into the property value.

For more information on investing in a cattle ranch, please read section two.

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