Generate Income From Your Land With These 4 Activities

Any smart investor wants to see a return on their investment. This is no different when investing in any land for sale. Gone are the days when you buy land and let it sit. If you want to buy land in Florida and put it to good use, we’ll share four ways that you can generate income from your land purchase. Prior to starting any activity, consult your local county office for permits, licensing, and registration requirements.

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1. Recreational

Buying land for recreational purposes is one of the most desired uses for land right now. Owners of agricultural and timber land can make considerable income from recreational activities. People like to observe wildlife such as spoonbills, wood storks, and ibises, for example. Families like to go on camping trips, fishing outings, and hiking. Providing these activities is not only rewarding for you but for consumers as well.

2. Special Events

Do you own a picturesque slice of Florida that could be used for special events such as weddings or a corporate retreat? If you are the type of person that loves the idea of hosting happy gatherings such as weddings, vacation getaways, or team building opportunities, consider buying land in Florida. Buy land that provides spacious parking and lodging, and be sure to maintain its immaculate appearance. Connect with a wedding planner to ensure your land is marketed to potential clients effectively.

3. Agritourism

If you own farmland and want to connect with the local community and provide educational opportunities for learning farming practices and agricultural production, agritourism can provide you with a stable income. Some destination ideas include u-pick farms, farmer’s markets, pumpkin patches, petting zoos, horseback riding, pre-cut and choose-and-cut Christmas trees, and more.

4. Cell Site

If your land is prime real estate for a cell tower, a tower company will likely contact you about leasing some of your land. If you have yet to buy land in Florida and want to get a tower on your property, look for land in a nonresidential zone. Contact your local zoning office and ask about the requirements as well as the prohibitions for cell towers. Note, that depending on the region you live in, leasing rates may not be worth your time.

Buy Investment Land