How to Create a Campground Business

One of the great things about owning vacant land is the opportunity to use it for recreational activities such as camping and hiking. If you have a passion for outdoor activities and a desire to be an entrepreneur, you will be presented with a number of opportunities, if you purchase land for sale in Florida. One such opportunity for entrepreneurial and outdoorsy spirits is creating a campground.

Looking to Buy Recreational Land?
As public campgrounds become increasingly crowded, the appeal of privately-owned ones is growing rapidly. These campgrounds can suit a variety of camping experiences, including primitive camping (minimal to no modern conveniences), tent camping, RV camping and glamping (glamorous camping).

Whatever style of camping you choose to provide, it will take a great deal of time, money, and sweat equity. However, the opportunity to live what you love and make money doing so is undeniable for some.

Here are a few steps for getting started:

Choose a Location

First, you need to find a location for the campground. You may have enough land to find a location within your property. In selecting a suitable area for your campground, you must consider the condition of the grounds themselves. Are the grounds hilly or rocky? Are there buried water or gas lines? Also, consider wildlife in the area.

Decide What Type of Camping You Will Provide

The best campgrounds have provisions for all types of campers (tent, RV, cabin), however, it’s your choice. Local zoning laws may factor into the decision, so make sure that you have a clear understanding of them.


Depending on the type of camping you provide, you have to make decisions in terms of your infrastructure. How will campsites be set up? Will there be public restrooms? If you are going to have RV or cabin camping, you’ll need electricity. Will you live on site? That means you’ll need your own cabin.


You campground will surely provide some natural recreation such as hiking or a lake for fishing. What else would you like to provide? Playgrounds are great if you want to attract families. You can also attain additional streams of revenue by renting boats or kayaks.

Looking to Buy Recreational Land?