Tactics for Buying and Selling Land Part 3

In this three-part article, we have covered several of the most common tactics land buyers utilize when purchasing vacant land. In the first section, we distinguished the difference between vacant land flippers that quickly buy and sell a property at a small markup and land buyers that hold a property for a long period of time to take advantage of market appreciation. In the second section, we discussed land buyers that purchase vacant land to develop some form of business and people that buy land for sale in Florida to cultivate it into some passion project of theirs like growing crops or producing livestock. In this final section, we will cover some issues land buyers need to be wary of and how Saunders Real Estate, LLC can be of some assistance.

Potential Risks to Buying Vacant Land

When buying Florida land for sale, there are certain things all land buyers should keep in consideration. One of the biggest factors to purchasing vacant land is whether or not the property comes within a restrictive zoning classification. You should always be aware of how the land is classified or zoned. For example, if the land is zoned solely for commercial, agricultural, or residential use would these restrictions prevent you from utilizing the property as you had planned to. A few other factors to consider are the environment of the property and whether or not the property has the potential to have on-site utilities like sewer, electricity, running water, and gas. Many vacant land buyers are not aware that installing these utilities can be very costly.

Consult With Land Experts

Investing in vacant land can be a stressful process. It’s important for land buyers to consider all of these factors and more when purchasing a piece of property. It’s also important to consult with land experts that have experience purchasing and selling large acreage. With over twenty years of experience selling and finding large acreage land for buyers, Saunders Real Estate, LLC has the knowledge and the expertise to assist you with any of your land needs. With knowledge and experience consulting in land types such as ranches, farmland, citrus groves, recreational land, timberland, bulk lots and entitled land, residential development land, and conservation easements, our land experts are here to assist you.

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