Building Your Dream Ranch Part 3

Building a dream horse ranch from scratch can be a stressful experience. As we discussed in the first section, there are many strategies that the landowner needs to consider in the preconstruction phase. As we talked about in the second section, the construction phase can be attacked in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the landowner. As we will discuss in this final section, what makes every horse farm special are the distinct features that the landowner elects to showcase on their property. For more information on commercial land for sale in Florida, speak with a land expert.

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The Necessities

Before you can have the signature amenities for your horse ranch, you need the necessities. Let’s begin with the things every horse ranch needs to have:

Fencing: The fencing must keep the horses contained on the property, but should not harm the horses if they do go astray. Barbwire and even wood aren’t the best materials to utilize. Horse ranch owners should invest in a thick, plastic fence specifically designed for horse ranches.

Turnout Area: Horses need their own space and area for circulation and exercise. Ideally, each horse should have a few acres to graze, trot, and play. Giving the horses this space for recreation will be greatly beneficial to their long-term health.

Barn: You need to have a home for your horses and a place to shelter them from any potential storms. Depending on your budget, the barn can be highly sophisticated or just a place to house your horses and store their essential items. Electricity and water are essentials. Other nice amenities include spacious stalls, grooming stations, a tack room, and a wash rack.

Other Features

Although there are some undeniable things every horse ranch needs, there are several other amenities that can make your dream ranch that much better.

Storage Areas: Many horse ranch owners dedicate an entire storage space for the horse’s hay as the animals have a renowned appetite. Many properties also feature a composting station far away from where the residents live. Of course, having storage space for equipment like tractors is always beneficial as well.

Riding Area: It’s best to work with an architect and contractor that have experience developing equestrian facilities when designing and constructing your riding area. From the railing to the surface area to the soil, you want the best conditions for your horses.

Access Points: If you are going to invest in a horse trailer to transport your horses, you need to have great access points on your property to make this task as easy as possible. In general, it’s important to always consider your property’s access points to where the horses live.

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