How to Make Your Small Farm Profitable

Owning a small farm is a dream for many Florida residents. Perhaps you’re one of them? Just envision your chickens laying fresh eggs, growing your own crops, and letting your dogs roam freely across acres of your own land.

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One of the major questions that may interrupt your farm dreams is whether it will need to be profitable, and if so, how profitable. Even if you’re a retiree who just hopes to live in a slow-paced and wholesome environment, a little extra income never hurt anyone.

If you’re thinking about purchasing one of the small farms for sale in Florida, here are some ways to make it profitable.

Pick a Specialty

Needless to say, you will need to have something to sell or provide as a paid attraction. Perhaps you want to sell produce, make your own cheese, or turn the farmhouse into a bed and breakfast.

If you’re new to farming and thinking, “All of the above sounds great!” consider curbing your enthusiasm a little bit. While your farm might eventually become a multifaceted attraction and business, it’s best to start by doing one thing well and then expanding.

Master Your Marketing

You could have the most beautiful property in all of Florida, but if no one knows that, it’s unlikely that anyone will ever rent out your barn for a rustic wedding or stay at your bed and breakfast. Getting the word out is key when it comes to your products, rental options, or farm attractions.

Whether you’re selling gourmet goat cheese or hosting pony ride birthday parties, the era of relying on word of mouth is over. While personal recommendations will never totally go out of style, covering your marketing bases is crucial. Your farm and its services should have a website, social media handles, an email newsletter, and other avenues of communication.

Work With the Best Professionals

If you want to make your small farm profitable, you will likely need to outsource certain tasks to other professionals. For example, if you are hosting birthday parties during which children are riding your ponies or you are renting out your barn for parties, you will need to work with an attorney. It may even be necessary to work with an attorney in regard to food distribution, depending on the specifics of your situation.

The types of professionals you’ll need to hire, employ, or network with will vary depending on your goals. For example, if you find yourself renting out your barn for weddings, it can help to stay professionally connected to the photographers who have previously shot at your venue.

Speaking of professionals, if you have not yet made your small farm dreams a reality, the Saunders team is here to help you find Florida farms for sale. Our skilled land professionals can help you find the ideal property and secure the best price.

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