Is Agritourism Right For You?

Farm land for sale in Florida provides an excellent wealth building opportunity for investors looking to expand their portfolio. Even better news is that in the state of Florida, agritourism is enthusiastically encouraged to landowners. This article provides a basic overview of agritourism to help you decide if it is a worthwhile endeavor to use your farm land purchase for this type of enterprise.

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What is Agritourism?

Agriculture and tourism combined is what is better known as agritourism. Agritourism affords landowners the opportunity to use their lands as a means of generating revenue in return for providing educational and leisure activities for the enjoyment and enrichment of the local community as well as tourists visiting from all over the country.

Examples of Agritourism Activities

Operators of agritourism enterprises are free to conduct activities such as hunting, fruit and vegetable picking, bed and breakfasts, hiking trails, workshops, wineries and other revenue encouraging activities and educational programs.

Benefits of Agritourism

The benefits of agritourism are mutual for landowners, the local community, and tourists. Through agritourism, children and adults from the community have access to recreational and educational activities that teach them about agriculture. Agritourism also stimulates the economy and can generate supplemental income for farmers. This occurs through the sale of products, food, lodging, and other income generating agricultural activities.

Agritourism Law: Risks and Liabilities

Agritourism comes with potential risks which may include hazards in association with land surface conditions, waters, animal behavior, participants’ negligence, and the normal dangers that may occur with the use of farming equipment and structures. Due to the support of Florida legislature, you can rest assured that under Sections 570.85 through 570.89 of the Florida Statutes, the risks and liabilities of agritourism can be reduced or eliminated when operators follow regulations as outlined by the statutes.

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