Technologies That Are Shaping the Agriculture Industry Part 1

The use of technology is increasing in all aspects of business, and farming is no exception. If you plan to purchase farms for sale in Florida, you should know that emerging technologies are being created to make farms smarter and more efficient. In this article and part two, we will list various technologies that are taking farming innovation to the next level.

Why Is Technology Important?

Today’s farms are employing technologies such as drones, virtual tours, robotic vehicles, sensors, and drought-resistant plants to increase their profits and to become safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. Utilizing technology will ensure that producers can better control production, processing, distribution, and storage. It will also help landowners accomplish higher crop productivity and less chemical runoff into other water sources. Additionally, it will increase worker safety and decrease the need for water, pesticides, and fertilizers. All of this can contribute to the decreased cost of food for consumers.


Drones technology, including aerial and ground-based, can be used to improve the crop cycle in areas such as:

  • Soil and field analysis: Performed at the start of the crop cycle to provide data for irrigation and nitrogen-level management
  • Planting: Decreases planting costs
  • Crop spraying: Greater efficiency and less chemical waste
  • Crop monitoring: Fosters better crop management as well as reveals production inefficiencies
  • Irrigation: Allows calculation of the vegetation index and helps to identify dry areas or areas that need improvements
  • Crop scanning: Assesses the health of plants as well as identify fungal and bacterial infections

Drought Resistant Plants

Droughts can have a major negative impact on a harvest, therefore, farmers rely heavily on sufficient water levels to produce. Drought-resistant plants are a key method for improving yields under drought. These plants are engineered to resist diseases and insects, and they require fewer pesticides and less land and water to grow which enables the plants to survive a lot longer.

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