What You Should Know About Properties With Wetlands Part 3

Looking to purchase land? No matter what type of land you are interested in, if it contains wetlands, make sure you work with a professional land expert who specializes in farms for sale in Florida and consult your local governing agency for permitting requirements. An expert will explain the implications of owning land with wetlands and help you determine if you should invest in the land.

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To learn more about owning land with wetland, read part one and part two of our article. Do not hesitate to contact SVN | Saunders Real Estate for land buying assistance and resource and land management.

Should You Investment in Land With Wetlands?

Many land buyers and real estate agents view land containing wetlands as a red flag. Since you cannot build on wetlands, they limit what you can do with the land you buy. The good news is that if you do purchase this type of land, you won’t have to worry about anyone building on the property either. Whether or not wetlands are a good investment depends on your goal for the land. There are some instances in which you can pursue certain agricultural or forestry activities, but these must abide by regulations set for by the Clean Water Act (Section 404) and be permitted through the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

If you intend to build a subdivision, for example, this is not the land for you. However, there are areas of the land that may be suitable for development such as building a home. Before you buy, get to know the property, learn the basics of wetland regulations, and get the appropriate permits.

Wetlands and Agriculture

Wetlands are beneficial to the ecosystem and humans as a whole. Wetlands benefit farmers because they act as a natural filtration system, regulating water flow and eliminating chemicals from water. Purchasing property with wetlands is advantageous if you plan to use it for things such agriculture, conservation, its breathtaking views, fishing, and hunting. Buying land containing wetlands provides support for aquaculture and grazing, provides drinking water for stock, and provides shade and wind buffering for birds. Additionally, wetlands filter wastewater, provide a habitat for harvestable plants and animals, and support fertile soils.

Those looking to purchase farmland with wetland should review the Swampbuster Provisions of the Food Security Act to ensure they do not illegally alter wetlands or increase wetland drainage.

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