Animal Husbandry Best Practices

Good animal husbandry and management practices will keep your farm in the best shape by reducing soil erosion, enhancing soil fertility, and storing carbon as well as beneficial organisms. Our associates understand horse farming and can help you find the right property for your particular needs. Start with a short list of horse farms for sale in Florida that you like; an agent can help you develop this list. Be sure to thoroughly research any and all issues before putting in any offers for horse ranches for sale in Florida.

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Have a Trusted Veterinarian

Your horses and farm animals will get sick and need immediate treatment. Having a veterinarian available contributes to successful management and animal health care for all animals. Veterinarians and farmers work together to control diseases that can be transmitted and to keep animals in the best shape. It is your responsibility to adhere to prescriptions, vaccinations, recommendations, and all treatments.

Let the Animals Roam Freely

Horses should roam freely in an environment where they’re able to eat grass and other plants that their bodies can digest. Grazing on pasture is beneficial for cattle and horses because their bodies are developed to eat grass. This is why it is crucial to find out the type of grass on your ideal property because the ability to roam improves the welfare of farm animals and reduces environmental damage.

Don’t Forget Water and Shelter

Provide adequate water and shelter for all animals. Shelters allow horses to handle the extremes of weather that can occur throughout the year. Your farm may be located in a wetter climate with extreme weather; there must be a way to feed and water all horses and sheltered animals. Shelters and housing must be positioned away from areas where the water will run off or has the potential to run off. You should know where the water source is located on your property because you will need water for cleaning, drinking, upkeep of facilities and to set up water for irrigating crops and grass. Our associates will be able to walk your ideal property and point out good locations to build shelters and navigate water sources for your horses.

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