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What to Look for When Buying or Leasing Florida Hunting Land

Florida hunting offers game not found in most states. From small game such as squirrel, doves, turkey and waterfowl to whitetail deer, feral hogs and alligator, Florida offers a variety of hunting opportunities. Terrain varies around the state, from swamp lands to scrub areas and forests. Whether you are looking to buy Florida hunting land for sale or to find a suitable hunting lease, the sales associates at SVN | Saunders Real Estate can help you find the best Florida hunting land for sale available.

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Good Land Management Produces the Best Hunting Land for Lease in Florida

When buying or leasing hunting land, it helps to work with a sales associate experienced in timber management and hunting. Good land management promotes an attractive wildlife habitat for a diverse population of wildlife, leading to excellent hunting. Land that has been ignored may lose desirable species to neighboring landowners who are actively managing their property. A knowledgeable SVN Saunders Real Estate sales associate can help you find hunting land for lease in Florida that has been properly managed to attract the game you desire.

What to Look for When Purchasing Hunting Land for Sale in Florida

Hunting land can be developed with attached acreage or it may be undeveloped land. Undeveloped land can be ideal for hunting, but be sure the infrastructure is in place for any improvements you intend to make in the future. If you want access to water and electricity, check out their availability before purchase. Be sure to view our hunting land for sale in Florida property listings.

Access can also be a problem for undeveloped land. While a remote location can be an advantage for hunting land, make sure that you have a legal access road that does not rely on the kindness of neighbors. Also check with the county development office to determine whether any right-of-way agreements or easements exist on the property that could impact future hunting rights on the property. An experienced SVN Saunders Real Estate sales associate can help you find the best hunting land for sale in Florida for the game you prefer, determine what amenities you need, and help you avoid the pitfalls possible with a hunting land purchase.

Tips for Finding Good Florida Hunting Land for Lease

Desirable hunting property has a large wildlife population supported by year-round water in the form of a lake, stream, pond or other water feature. Look for the presence of water nearby when considering Florida hunting leases. In addition to good land management practices, inquire about human access to the property and whether others will be using the property for recreational use during hunting season. Make sure the property will not only support the desired game, but that hunting will be safe for everyone involved.

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