3 Tips for Shed Hunting in Florida and Beyond

What was once an off season pastime for bored hunters, shed hunting is becoming a highly sought after activity for those looking for a fun adventure. If you are considering an investment in hunting land for sale in Florida, you need to know more about it. Shed hunting is part game, part tactical hunt.

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Deer shed their antlers each winter and, in the early spring, hunters in Florida and beyond search for them on public and private hunting land. If you are a property owner, this may be a fun activity to engage in or a potential revenue generator if deer roam on your land. If you would like to participate in shed hunting, there are a number of practices that can help you maximize your success. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Start Early

Most deer shed their antlers from January to March. You’ll want to take this time period to start your search. Areas that serve as sources of food and shelter are the best places to start. In Florida’s more temperate climate, creek bottoms, and pine stands are good places to find sheds (antlers). You’ll want to start early because you’re competing with a number of entities, including squirrels and other shed hunters.

2. Cover as Much Distance as Possible

Shed hunting is a workout. You will have to search intently for relatively small antlers over a vast area. However, one of the most effective ways to find sheds is to cover as much ground as possible. It’s a numbers game. More miles, more antlers.

3. Use Binoculars

On the other hand, we all need a little help sometimes. Using binoculars maximizes the amount of ground you cover when looking for sheds. Binoculars may also help you determine if the area you are hunting has sheds at all.

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