Can I Afford to Buy Florida Hunting Land?

Many hunters dream of owning their own land one day, but for a lot of them, it remains just that: a dream. Between necessary bills (home mortgage, utilities, car payments, etc.) and everyday expenses, adding one more item to the list may seem daunting—if not downright impossible.
Fortunately, buying your own hunting land may not be as far-fetched as you think. When you find the right Florida hunting land for sale and get creative about financing, you might be able to make that dream a reality.

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Do a Budget Audit

Doing an audit of your spending habits can be an enlightening experience. Many people consider themselves to be on a tight budget, but are surprised when they examine the details. For example, you may assume your food budget doesn’t have any wiggle room because you don’t go out to dinner a lot, but then your budget audit reveals how much you spend on weekday take-out and to-go coffees.
If owning your own hunting land is a priority, there are ways to make it work. From small changes like packing your work week lunches to bigger changes like perhaps owning a more modest car, there are typically ways to re-work any budget.

Consider Buying With Friends

A growing amount of recreational hunters are buying land in small groups. For example, five friends may get together and split the down payment and monthly mortgage.
Of course, this method of purchasing requires a group of friends with both the ability and interest to co-invest in hunting land. You will also need a good lawyer since a joint purchase and the subsequent joint ownership will require unique legal paperwork and proceedings. That said, this type of arrangement isn’t as complicated as it sounds. The monthly cost can be more affordable than a hunting lease or hunting club membership, and unlike those two options, it’s a long-term investment as well.

Work With the Right Professionals

The most two important factors in determining whether you can afford hunting land for sale in Florida are the purchase price and the financing options. This means you will need a skilled realtor and knowledgeable lender who both specialize in recreational land.
Working with a financial advisor can also prove beneficial since they can help you with your budget and financing ideas.
The land experts at Saunders Real Estate can answer any of your questions about Florida hunting land for sale. We are real estate leaders for hunting land, any other type of recreational land, timberland, bulk lots, and more. We’ve made countless landowning dreams a reality, and are here to talk about yours.

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