Can You Turn Farmland Into Hunting Land?

You may be thinking of turning your farmland into hunting land, but did you know that it’s possible to create a harmonious community where hunting and farming could be done on the same land? Our Florida hunting land for sale experts will tell you how you can turn farmland into hunting land or simply use the land to do both.

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How to Convert the Land for Hunting

The first step is to assess your land by hiring a professional or assessing the lay of the land yourself to determine which areas to use to plant food and trees.

Next, find areas to clear and establish a food plot. Once the areas are cleared, it’s time to fertilize and plant.

Third, decide what trees you want to plant because some trees can take years to produce. It’s important to plant in fertile and well-drained areas that receive ample sunlight.

Next, consider hanging a stand. Game are intelligent, so picking the right location and knowing exactly when to hang the stand is key. Hanging a stand at the wrong place and time can easily scare them off.

Last, consider building an outbuilding. The outbuilding is suitable for holding sleeping cots, equipment, or other items that need to be kept safe from the elements.

Can You Farm and Hunt on the Same Land?

If you want to both farm and hunt, you must first choose the appropriate land that can sustain both. The ideal land will be generous in size with healthy soil and a good blend of fields and forests. Next, conduct a land designation to determine what areas will serve what purpose. For example, you will decide how much land will be used for crop production, hunting, livestock farming, and so on.

Other Factors to Consider

Using land for hunting and farming will require fencing to establish boundaries and to keep farm animals away from areas that are used for hunting. Fencing is also needed to even out the crop beds and to make room for cattle to do rotational grazing. If you have free-range animals, you may need to schedule hunting time around their roaming times. To discourage animals from imposing on your hunting or your crop beds, feed them before you hunt, plant food plots, or set up vegetation that satisfies them.

With the right land and strategy, farmland can be converted to hunting land or used for both activities. If you need to purchase the right hunting land for sale in Florida, do not hesitate to consult with a Saunders Real Estate land expert. Our experts know the key features to look for when buying hunting land.

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