How to Convert Your Property For Deer Hunting

One of the great parts about owning rural land is the potential to hunt on it. There are a number of animals that are indigenous to Florida, including deer. Hunting provides great outdoor recreation and is an effective mechanism for wildlife control.

While certain properties come “hunting-ready” that’s not always the case. If you plan to purchase Florida hunting land for sale, it’s important to know that certain measures may have to be taken to make your land attractive to the animals you are trying to hunt. Below are a few best practices that can convert your property into a hunting haven.

Work With Your Neighbors

Your neighbors could be instrumental in helping your draw animals to your property. Animals like deer are drawn to certain conditions and away from others. Since they will likely roam your property as well as the neighboring properties, it’s important to know what your neighbors’ motivations are in regards to their land. Are they hunters as well? Do they open their land up to hunters? How do they deal with animals on their property? If you can establish a similar policy across neighboring properties, your chances for success greatly increase.

Grow Food Resources

Deer are drawn to food resources. Strategically grow food plots with wheat, chicory, or winter peas to give deer somewhere to feed. Also, consider growing fruit trees. For example, pears, apples, and persimmon work well.

Provide Sanctuary

Sanctuary for deer is critical because it will not only serve as a refuge when they are resisting hunting pressure from other properties, it gives you a way to control their movement. Do not allow anyone to hunt or hike this area. By doing this, deer will feel more comfortable resting there. These refuge spots can be set in such away that deer will natural travel to food plots as well. This gives you an opportunity to dictate their movement and provide better hunting opportunities.

Minimize Hunting Pressure

Deer, especially mature ones, are sensitive to hunting pressure. They can pick up the scent of humans and they will resist areas where too many people are present. The key is to control the number of days you hunt on your property and the amount of people you allow to hunt at one time.

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