Popular Hunting Species in Florida Part 2

There are massive opportunities for hunters who want to purchase hunting land for sale in Florida. Florida’s climate, abundant wildlife, and uncomplicated licensing requirements make it an attractive location for hunters, and with nearly year-round hunting available, hunters rarely find themselves sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

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In part one, the land experts at SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler discussed some of the most popular hunting species in Florida including alligators, bears, Burmese pythons, deer, doves, ducks, and waterfowl. Now, we will continue to discuss this topic focusing on furbearers, quail, gray squirrels and rabbits, turkeys, and wild hogs.


Furbearers include raccoon, opossum, skunk, nutria, beaver, coyote, bobcat, and river otter. In Florida, you can hunt raccoon, opossum, coyote, beaver, skunk, and nutria year-round. You can hunt bobcats between December 1 and March 31. Otter season takes place between December 1 and March 1. Trapping season dates are largely the same.


The Northern bobwhite is a medium-sized, round-bodied quail characterized by its short tail and neck. Quail are a popular hunting species because they are easy to hunt and have delicious meat. Quail have been hunted for years in Florida, and it seems that their population is easily managed.

Gray Squirrel and Rabbit

If you want to introduce your children to hunting, gray squirrels and rabbits are two examples of popular hunting species that require a relatively low level of skill to track. You can take this opportunity to recruit new conservation-minded hunters into the fold or encourage hobbyists to take hunting more seriously. This type of hunting doesn’t require much equipment and it takes very little planning in advance. As long as you have a place to hunt and a .22 caliber rifle or air gun, you’re ready to go.


The Osceola turkey, also referred to as the Florida turkey, is one of five subspecies of wild turkey living in North America. It is also one of the most popular and highly valued game species in Florida. This turkey can only be found on the Florida peninsula, which makes it an extremely attractive target for out-of-state hunters. You can tell the difference between the Osceola turkey and other turkeys because it is smaller and typically darker with less white striping on its feathers. If you purchase Florida hunting land for sale, you can host hunters from around the country who wish to hunt this famed turkey.

Wild Hog

This invasive species was most likely introduced by Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto as early as 1539. Wild hogs have been spotted in every county in Florida, but they prefer living in close proximity to oak-cabbage palm hammocks, freshwater marshes, and pine flatwoods. These creatures can grow to be more than 150 pounds and up to 6 feet long. Wild hogs eat virtually everything in their path, which means they are constantly disturbing soil and ground cover vegetation as they search for food.

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