What to Hunt in Florida this Fall Part 1

To invest in hunting land in Florida, you must have three basic traits. You must have a love for the outdoors. You must have a love for the sport of hunting. And if you want to make a return on your investment, you must have an entrepreneurial spirit. Did we mention, you must have a great deal of patience? Owning and establish hunting land is not easy, but if you put in the work, find the best plots of land, and attract the most desirable animals, you can do well granting hunting leases in Florida.

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When considering hunting leases, you must consider what animals can be hunted and which seasons is it lawful to hunt. In particular, fall is a great time for hunting with a variety of animals in season. Here are a few animals that can be hunted during the fall in Florida. Consider this list when deciding which animals to have on your hunting property. To skip to part 2 of this article, click here.


Turkeys are one of the most popular animals to hunt during the fall. Where your property lies will determine which time period during the fall that they can be hunted. In zone A (southern tip of Florida), they can be hunted with a gun from November 19 – January 1. They can also be hunted in mid-October for less than two weeks during this time period. In Zone B (central Florida) turkeys can he hunted from December 3 – January 29. In Zone C (Palm Beach area to the Georgia line, east of Tallahassee), it’s November 5 – January 1. In Zone D (west of Tallahassee), turkey hunting in the fall is legal from Nov. 24-27.


Deer can be hunted with a gun from November 18- January 7 in Zone A, Nov. 4- Jan. 21 in Zone C, and Nov. 23-26 in Zone D. Before granting Florida hunting leases for your property, learn the proper way to convert it to deer hunting land in our recent article on the subject.


Quail hunting begins in the late fall in Florida across all zones. The legal time to hunt them with rifles, shotguns, and pistols is from November 11- March 4. It should be noted that there is a daily bag limit of 12 quail during a hunt.

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