What to Hunt in Florida this Fall Part 2

One of Florida’s most popular outdoor recreational activities is hunting. Whether for sport or food, there are a variety of species available. And in Florida, there are a variety of landscapes to hunt in. From the marshlands of southern Florida to the dense woods and rolling hills of the panhandle and everything in between, Florida offers a diversity group of settings for hunting enjoyment. This should be considered when looking for vacant land for sale in Florida. What should also be considered is uses for that land, including camping, farming, and hunting.
If you are considering converting your land to hunting land, it’s important to know the laws governing hunting during specific times of the year. As we enter the fall, there are a number of animals in which hunters can pursue. In this article, we will discuss a few them and provide helpful tips. For more information on what can be hunted during the fall season, visit part one of this article.

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This year, you may hunt doves from November 11- December 4. The only firearm you can use to hunt doves is a shotgun and the daily bag limit is 15. You may hunt doves over a field but using products such as seeds over the field to bait the birds is prohibited. During this time of the year, doves can be hunted from 30 minutes before sunrise until sunset.


Snipe can be hunted from November 1- February 15 with a bag limit of eight. Snipe are a migratory birds and can only be found in Florida during the winter months. They are noted for their erratic flight patterns, making them a challenge for hunters.

Gray Squirrel

Gray squirrels also present a great challenge to hunters and can be hunted from October 14- March 8. The daily bag limit is 12. Gray squirrels can be found throughout the state, however, they should not be confused with fox squirrels, which are a protected species.

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