What to Hunt in Florida This Spring

The mild Florida winter flew by and somehow spring of 2018 is upon us. Have you planned your upcoming hunting trips? Or perhaps you’re even looking for hunting land for sale in Florida?

Due to our state’s varied climate and landscape, there are different hunting dates and regulations that depend on your area. You should always check what those are before embarking on any hunting trips. Even if you still have last year’s dates memorized, keep in mind that they change from year to year. The information in this article is a great place to begin, but is only meant as a more generalized resource.

Wild Hog

Wild hog is considered an invasive species since they are not native to Florida. You don’t need a hunting license to trap or shoot hogs, and they have no bag limit. Wild hogs can be hunted year-round in Florida. However, movement of a live hog without a permit issued by the Florida Department of Agriculture is illegal.

Small Game

Small game can also be hunted year-round here in the beautiful Sunshine State. Animals that are part of the “small game” category include the following:

  • Beaver
  • Coyote
  • Opossum
  • Raccoon
  • Skunk

There is no limit on any of the small game species listed above, and raccoons and opossum can be hunted at night using .22-caliber rimfire rifles or single-shot .410 gauge shotguns. However, using flashing lights to hunt animals is prohibited.


Rabbit may also be hunted year-round here in Florida. However, there is a limit of 12 rabbits daily and you may not have more than 24 rabbits in your possession.


Last but certainly not least, spring turkey season usually commences at the beginning of March, depending on the Florida county. Youth season to hunt turkey is also during the month of March. The bag limit during this turkey season for all counties except Holmes is two; a one turkey limit applies in Holmes County.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) wants to remind hunters of the new rules regarding turkey season, which are explained in this article. The FWC’s 2017-2018 Resident Game and Furbearer Florida Hunting Season Dates is a great resource as well.

If you’re looking for resources regarding Florida hunting land for sale, look no further than our skilled team of land professionals! For assistance finding the hunting property you’ve always wanted, please complete our contact request form today.