Florida Hunting Leases

Florida Hunting Leases Versus Public Hunting Land in Florida

Over the years, hunting leases in Florida have increased significantly in popularity. If you have ever hunted on public land, then you have probably noticed some of the disadvantages associated with public hunting land like overcrowding and lack of privacy. Florida hunting leases eliminate the frustration commonly experienced with hunting on public lands. In fact, many hunters have found that hunting on private land produces higher quality hunts in a more comfortable and stress-free environment.

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Characteristics of Good Hunting Leases in Florida

When looking for a good hunting lease in Florida always remember that size matters. The bigger, the better. Having a sufficient amount of acreage to host and support your desired game is imperative. It is also very important to take notice of the land management practices of the property owner. Proper land management is necessary to attract a diverse wildlife population, and maintain suitable living conditions for your game. Proper land management includes, but is not limited to, providing game with a food supply, a natural source of water, coverage, and security.

Types of Florida Hunting Leases

Before you agree to a lease, you should have a firm understanding of the different types of hunting leases in Florida that are available to you. Florida hunting leases can fall into a number of categories, with each having their own benefits. Included in these categories are non-fee access hunting leases, exchange of service hunting leases, and fee hunting leases, which include daily Florida hunting leases, short-term and long-term Florida hunting leases.

Non-Fee Access Hunting Lease:

A mutually beneficial agreement between landowners and hunters, in which the hunter has access to the property free of charge. This type of lease is most commonly used by farmers as an attempt to protect their crops from unwanted game.

Exchange of Service Hunting Lease

An agreement between a landowner and hunter(s) that provides the hunter(s) with access to the property in exchange for some sort of service. These services can include, but are not limited to, maintenance of the grounds, clean-up, and/or repair to structures.

Fee Hunting Lease

The more commonly used type of lease, is an agreement between a landowner and hunter that provides the hunter with access to the landowners property in exchange for a monetary fee. Depending on the type of lease, access may be limited to daily, weekly, seasonally, or annually.

Finding high-quality hunting leases in Florida often requires quite a bit of effort. Our highly experienced SVN Saunders Real Estate agents will help reduce the workload by helping you find the most suitable Florida hunting leases available.

If you’re looking for Florida hunting land for sale, we can help with that as well.

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