5 Things to Consider When Buying Land for Investment

Whether you plan to raise livestock, lease land, or grow timber, once you buy land in Florida as an investment, there are several things you need to consider if you want to make money from the land.

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Soil Quality

If you plan to use the land for farming or even for growing timber, the condition of the soil is critical. You need to know the type of soil, classification, and drainage class to get an idea of what your limitations may be.

Land Access

You should ask about access to your land and if necessary how you go about accessing those rights. There are different types of access to land in the form of easements which include prescriptive easements, utility easements, or deeded easements.

Septic System

Once you buy land in Florida, it’s your responsibility to ensure that there are well-functioning utilities on the proper. If a septic system is already on the property, get an inspection to be sure is usable. If a septic system is not functioning properly, it poses serious health risks. functioning septic system in place to so that health risks are avoided.


If you plan to resell land, you must ensure it’s valuable enough to sell. Learn all about the land so you will be in a better position to market it to new investors. Preparing to resell will entail hiring an appraisal to validate the land’s value and advertising what can be done with the land.


Buying land and managing land takes specific skills, knowledge, and industry certifications to do it well. Without the right research and know-how, a land investment can turn sour quickly. At Saunders Real Estate, we know vacant land and we know what it takes to make land a more lucrative investment. We strongly advise investors to seek assistance from our team of experts.

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