Creating the Perfect Real Estate Property Video Part 2

When making a land investment in Florida, buyers want to remove all of the guesswork and see every feature that the property they are considering investing in has to offer. At Saunders Real Estate, LLC, our land professionals can assist you with all of your land buying or selling needs. We not only possess expert real estate knowledge about ranches, groves, farmland, timberland, hunting land, and conservation easements, we also offer professional video production services that can help market your property.


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In this two-part series, we are covering the most effective pieces of video equipment on the market for creating the perfect landscape film for your property. In the first section of this series, we discussed DSLR cameras and how to photograph, film, and shoot time-lapse photography that will blow your prospective buyers away. In this section, we will discuss more innovative ways to convince prospective investors to buy land in Florida.

Technology is Changing the Game

Several state-of-the-art technologies are changing the way we look at real estate properties online. Many landowners are hiring professional video production teams that utilize the newest filmmaking techniques to highlight the wonderful attributes of their property. Here are some ways real estate property videos are being enhanced:

Cloud-Based Systems

Perhaps the best innovation of all of this filmmaking technology is the development of cloud-based systems that can allow you to capture footage from many of these applications and immediately upload the content to your tablet, laptop, or smartphone. Of course, just because the footage is easy to access doesn’t mean you will become a professional filmmaker overnight. By hiring a professional video team that is part of a company specializing in land and conservation easements, you know that the best assets of your property will be featured and that the best equipment and practices will be applied to create your real estate video.

If you are interested in having a professional video created for your property, please speak with a land professional at SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler.

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