Know the Elevation of Land You Intend to Purchase

Knowing the land elevation of the land for sale in Florida that you intend to purchase is one of the most important factors to consider before finalization of a sale. Land elevation is the height of the land above the mean sea level. This measurement is important to know because it will help determine whether or not the property in interest is susceptible to flooding. With Florida’s busy rain and hurricane seasons, a property that is susceptible to flooding could easily be underwater with just one day’s worth of rain.

Factors That Could Lead to Flooding

There are certain features our SVN Saunders Real Estate agents will take into account before determining the risk level of flooding for the Florida land for sale you are considering. Some of these factors include the land elevation of the Florida land for sale in comparison to neighboring properties, the flow of nearby water sources, and the conditions of the drainage systems of the property. A property that is lower in land elevation than neighboring properties is going to be more susceptible to flooding than one that is at an equivalent or higher land elevation. The reason for this is quite simple. Water runs downhill, and if the land does not have the proper drainage systems in place then the property can easily become flooded leading to timely and costly repairs. Having the help of one of our SVN Saunders Real Estate agents in the buying process can help you dodge high risk land for sale in Florida.

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