Florida Land Investment

Is a Land Investment in Florida Right for You?

No matter where a piece of land is located, the main thought that will typically run through the mind of an investor will be “Is this a good investment?” Due to the various similarities and differences of land throughout the State of Florida, conducting research and analyzing the trends of a region is a must. Knowing what factors make a land investment a good or a bad one and partnering with the right land real estate broker will ensure that the investor secures the most suitable property.

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Why Buy in Florida?

Agriculture, in general, is a stable investment that will appreciate with time. Florida is an attractive place to buy land because it is a tax-friendly state. Taxes on agriculture are low due to the Greenbelt tax exemption laws. Investors are also better protected against inflation and market changes. Additionally, agriculture can provide ranchers, farmers, and timber growers with a steady cash flow.

Investors have various types of land to choose from. The most common types of land in Florida are citrus land, row crop, ranch, sod, sugarcane fields, alternative crops, pine plantations, and timber tracts. Our land management specialists understand that every region of Florida experiences its own unique economies, weather, and soil conditions. This will take special skill and knowledge to manage the land and resources effectively.

What to Consider When Deciding on What to Buy

Whether you plan to grow crops, raise livestock, lease land, or use the land for hunting or timberland purposes, owning land comes with benefits as well as risks. There are various factors you need to consider before making a decision on which Florida land investment to pursue. Some of these include:

– The condition of the soil
– Climate, biological, and elemental forces
– Zoning and regulations
– Water rights
– Accessing the land and easements
– Properly functioning utilities such as a septic system
– Resale value

Without the proper research and understanding, an investor can end up regretting a purchase. At SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler, we understand the ins and outs of buying, selling, and managing land. We can help you accomplish your goals and objectives, get a return on the land, reduce liability exposure, secure property, and ensure the land qualifies for the Greenbelt property tax assessment.

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