Tips for Managing Ranches Part 2

For those hoping to buy land in Florida, the prospect of owning a ranch can be exciting but difficult if you don’t have a sound ranch management strategy. Along with the rewards of owning ranch land comes great responsibility, including upfront costs.

In part one of our series, we shared a few tips to help you run a successful ranch. In this last section, we will provide a few more tips.

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Calve at the Right Time

When should you calve? Calving can be done in the spring or fall but different factors will influence which season you choose. Calving in sync with nature can help you reduce your overhead expenses and feed costs. Calving in the spring allows you to wean and market your calves before winter, and this will also improve calf health and calf crop percentages. Calving in the winter will require more facilities, feed, and labor.

Manage Your Bulls Well

Bulls are like expensive athletes. An effective management program is necessary for optimum health and fertility. They need a certain level of care that takes account of nutrition, health, and off-season management. Winter management is especially important. Nutrition is important since bulls need more energy to keep warm. Weather protection is crucial as severe cold weather can adversely affect sperm production. Vaccination and parasite control is also critical for keeping them healthy.

Good Grazing Management

They way you graze can positively or negatively impact how our ecosystems function. Focus your grazing efforts to increase carrying capacity, labor efficiency, and animal productivity. A good grazing management plan is all about timing and entails knowing when to allow your cattle to graze versus knowing when to allow plant growth and recovery. The right grazing system can improve the health and productivity of your land.

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