Tips for Starting a Cattle Ranch Part 2

When you buy land in Florida, especially ranchland, you want to ensure that you are making a worthwhile investment. It’s no secret that owning and operating a cattle ranch can be an extremely profitable enterprise with the right people involved, but making the initial leap can be an unnerving experience.

In part one of this two-part article, the land experts at Saunders Real Estate provided tips for fledgling cattle ranchers searching for success in Florida. In part two, we will continue to discuss ways new cattle ranchers can maximize profitability from their land investment in Florida.


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The Benefits of Artificial Insemination (AI)

Although a recent survey by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) suggested that only 13 percent of beef producers used AI, citing cost and time concerns, AI is actually an economical process that allows ranchers to breed cows for the cost of the semen, which is typically only $15 to $30 per cow. Plus, you can invest in superior paternal genetics to ensure that you are only raising the healthiest, heartiest cows. When you utilize AI, it is much easier to produce show-caliber steers and heifers that can be sold in one of Florida’s live cattle auctions. These auctions allow ranchers to fetch better value for their stock.

Expand Your Ranch with Creative Financing

Once you have started generating a profit, you will want to consider expanding your operation to include more land, more cattle, and more possibilities. You can finance additional land through a Farm Service Agency (FSA) low-interest loan for new farmers to either expand your land or update your current plot (i.e., installing new fencing, construction yard facilities, livestock shed, etc.)

Growing Grassland, Growing the Herd

Plant productive grassland such as orchard grass, bromegrass, red clover, and alfalfa to provide your herd with sufficient feeding space. Utilize a rotational grazing system to continue growing your feeding space year round. Once you have cultivated verdant land primed for grazing, you can increase the size of your herd and expand your operation.

Control Machinery Costs

After you buy land in Florida and start your cattle ranch, you want to invest the rest of your cash tactfully. When you start your cattle ranch, you may find that you don’t require expensive equipment like tractors to maintain the health of your herd. Invest your money as needed and allow your ranch to grow naturally. Making premature purchases can jeopardize the future success of your ranch.

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