Investing in Florida Ranch Land Through an IRA

Buying ranch land for sale in Florida through a self-directed Roth or regular individual retirement account (IRA) is a good non-traditional option for those looking to expand their retirement security net and looking to diversify their investment portfolios. Although self-directed IRA real estate investments can be complicated and are strictly regulated, these types of investments have the potential to generate higher returns than traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

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Purchasing Florida ranch land for sale through a self-directed Roth or regular IRA can help your account grow through income generated from farm land leases, crop harvesting, the selling of livestock, and eventually the selling of the property. All proceeds from these types of transactions are deposited into the IRA account and held tax-free until the funds are withdrawn, at which point the distributions are income taxable.

While purchasing land investments through an IRA can be a worthwhile investment, there are many items that should be considered before making this type of investment. Here are some important facts to take into consideration when investing in ranch land through an IRA:

For many investors, it may be more beneficial to purchase ranch land for sale in Florida without the use of an IRA. When purchasing land without an IRA, the buyer is given the opportunity to take advantage of lower interest rates, is given more flexibility to manage the property the way they see fit, and is able to transfer rights to their property.

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