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What You Need to Know about Florida Ranches

Florida’s ranches are often vast in acreage and full of potential for a variety of uses. Many are owned by original homesteading families that have worked the land and managed cattle operations for generations. Florida ranches offer a unique lifestyle.

Some Florida ranch land for sale can be found in a largely unspoiled state with improved pastures, hayfields, and native wooded habitat. Ranches are suitable for many uses today, such as ranching, cattle operations, farming, hunting, retreats, conservation easements, and timberland. If desired, portions can be developed.

The natural landscapes can include creeks, pines, oak, and palm trees, along with stately stands of cypress trees. These trees can harbor a variety of native wildlife habitats. Due to the abundance of natural habitats, you will find a diversity of bird species, deer, wild turkey, wild hogs, and many other species, which provides for great hunting and recreation on ranch properties.

Our land and resource management company is available to you if you currently own a ranch that needs management. Saunders Property Management, LLC (Land and Resource Management) can provide a scope of responsibilities specific to your property.

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