Florida Ranches for Sale

Types of Florida Ranches for Sale

When it comes to searching for Florida ranches for sale, your search will be depend significantly on the type of ranch you’re looking for. Florida ranches can be either for-profit, and operated as a business like cattle ranches, guest ranches, and hunting ranches, or personal and simply used for recreational purposes such as horse ranches, acreage ranches, and community ranches. Below, we describe these types of Florida ranches for sale in more detail.


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For-Profit Ranches

Cattle Ranches
Many ranches for sale in Florida are used for the purpose of cattle ranching. Cattle ranches are typically operated for profit. On these ranches, cattle are raised for the sole purpose of generating revenue. Florida’s cattle industry is one of the oldest and largest in the nation, and is also one of the leading contributors to Florida’s economy.

Guest Ranches
Guest ranches, also known as dude ranches, are ranches focused on providing lodging facilities for visitors and tourists. These facilities range from 5-star lodges to wooden cabins that offer families a retreat from their busy city lives.

Hunting Ranches
Florida ranch land for sale is often used for hunting. Hunting ranches offer sport and recreational hunters a variety of game in a confined area of land. These game vary from traditional game like deer and wild boars to exotic game like wildebeests and gazelle.

Recreational Ranches

Horse Ranches
Horse enthusiasts will find that ranches for sale in Florida are great for horse ranching. This type of ranching may consist of riding trails, indoor and outdoor arenas, pastures, and horse stalls. Horse ranches can act as a horse boarding establishment or as therapy for those in need like children with autism.

Acreage Ranches
Acreage ranches, also known as acreage estates, are primarily used as luxury estates where the property owners may occasionally participate in ranching activities or just enjoy the privacy of their land. There are many Florida ranches for sale that could accommodate this type of property and development.

Community Ranches
Owners of community ranches share common areas such as trails or community centers but are not responsible for the maintenance and management of these amenities. By removing this responsibility, the owners are more able to enjoy their property because they are not bogged down with all the day to day responsibilities required to maintain a ranch.

We are experts when it comes to Florida ranches for sale, so let us help you find the ranch land that is perfect for you.

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