Building Your Dream Ranch Part 1

Many homeowners have considered trading in suburbia for life out on the ranch. In this three-part article, we will take you through the process of creating your dream horse ranch from scratch. In the first section, we will discuss the pre-construction steps you need to take to design your ranch. In the second section, we will cover the construction process. In the final section, we will focus on special features for your ranch. If you are interested in purchasing one of the many beautiful Florida ranches for sale, please speak with one of our land experts today.

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Hiring the Right Professional

After you purchase one of our ranches for sale in Florida, you need to hire an experienced architect that has designed horse ranches in the past. This talented professional can assist you with creating all of the elements that you envision for your dream ranch. The right architect will provide you with a master plan for implementing everything from the concept design to selecting materials to build your barn or house to resolving permitting issues to allocating a budget to confirming that the building process is being completed properly. The right architect also will understand how to resolve any emerging issues.

Surveying the Land

Once an architect is hired, if your property hasn’t already undergone a feasibility test before you purchased it, the architect may inspect the property to ensure that the land can be used for its intended purposes. This includes surveying the land’s soil conditions, irrigation, zoning restrictions, and other environmental and financial aspects. Once you understand your land’s setbacks and potential, you can move forward with a more formalized plan of action.

Prioritizing the Features

After hiring an architect and a feasibility test is performed, it’s important that the ranch landowner communicates with the architect a prioritized list of the elements that make up their “dream ranch.” For landowners that desire an equestrian facility, aside from the necessities, what other elements should the property feature? Depending on the type of horse ranch you desire, the needs can greatly differ. For example, the barn can be state-of-the-art or simply a place to store the horses and other vital materials. The process of prioritizing the things you want can be beneficial to the architect’s design.

Creating the Blueprint

At the end of this pre-construction process, the architect will create a blueprint for your dream ranch. The blueprint should feature all of the geographic data of the land and highlight any areas that could propose potential setbacks or require zoning restrictions. It’s critical that all of the elements of your ranch are measured precisely. Everything from where to access water to drainage to the distance from the barn to the home needs to be considered.

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