Factors to Consider When Planning a Fence for Your Horse Ranch

When purchasing Florida horse ranches for sale, deciding on the most suitable fencing should be a top concern for a rancher. The right fencing should be planned and selected beforehand to ensure optimal performance. This article will present useful information for fence planning for owners and potential owners of a horse ranch.

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Factors to Consider

Although aesthetics are important, more important is the durability of the fence. Fencing must be strong and free of hazards. Fencing must also be highly visible because horses are far-sighted so the fence needs to be easy for them to see, especially in cases where they get frightened and try to escape from perceived danger. You want a fence that can withstand the blow of a horse but will also cause little to no injury upon impact. The fence should also be high enough to discourage jumping, free of holes to prevent head or hoof trapping, and free of sharp edges or projections.

Unsafe Fencing

Never sacrifice safety for aesthetics. When you install a fence that is not planned and unmaintained, it becomes a hazard to your horses. Barbed wire fencing and fencing made of square mesh with openings too large can be dangerous. These fences can trap horses and cause severe and even deadly harm to horses.

Commonly Used Fences

There are a variety of fence types available. Keep in mind that what may be suitable for other animals may not be suitable for horses. Fencing types include:

Wood: The most popular and traditional type and proves to be safe and highly visible.

PVC: PVC planks is a thermoplastic resin fence that looks like wood but doesn’t require the upkeep. PVC Coated Lumber is made of wood with thermoplastic resin coating around it.

Vinyl Coated Wire: Made of white vinyl-coated high tensile wire that is visible and much safer for horses than plain wire.

High-Tensile Smooth Wire: Strong, affordable, and maintenance-free, but not highly visible.

Electric: Electric wire gives horses a shock when touched, and it’s safe, affordable, and protects the horse from the fence and the fence from the horse as it provides a psychological barrier.

So What Type of Fencing Works Best?

There is really is no best fence. The best fence is one that is attractive, affordable, and fits the unique needs of your ranch. It should meet the purpose of keeping your horses safely on your property and keeping intruding nuisance animals and visitors off your property. The topography of your property and the type of horses you have will influence your final decision. Fences may be installed according to your need for grazing, riding areas, and security.

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