The Best Dog Breeds for Ranchers

Dogs have long been held as “man’s best friend.” No place is this truer than on a ranch. For hundreds of years, dogs have aided ranchers in guiding cattle and horses, fetching birds, and, on farms, protecting crops from vermin. Of course, dogs also serve in their traditional role as companions.

If you are looking for Florida horse ranches for sale, you better be looking for a dog as well. You have a number of choices, so we’ve narrowed them down the best dog breeds for ranchers. These dogs all have the energy, agility and intelligence needed to get the job done on the ranch.

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Border Collie

Known as one of the most intelligent dog breeds around, border collies have long been bred to help shepherds guide their flock. They are high energy dogs that need a lot of exercise, and because they are so smart, must be consistently engaged. This makes them perfect for ranch life.

Australian Cattle Dog

As the name indicates, Australian cattle dogs are perfect for herding on a ranch. Their strength, agility, and intelligence make them great at getting cows moving. These dogs are fearless and have no problem standing up to larger animals.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

These dogs are small (10-12 inches tall), but feisty. Cardigan Welsh Corgis were bred to nip at the heels of cattle in order to move them along. They’re also an affectionate breed, making them good for families.


These iconic dogs have been featured in famous cartoons and are indelibly linked to the fire station. However, dalmatians were originally bred to ride alongside horses to protect them from thieves. Dalmatians are high energy animals with a playful demeanor.


The rottweiler’s lineage goes back to the Roman Empire where they guided herds as the Romans invaded Europe. They are strong, protective dogs that are great for guarding animals and homes.

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