The Importance of a Land Survey When Purchasing Florida Ranch Land

A common mistake that prospective buyers who are interested in purchasing Florida ranches for sale make is not having a survey of the property undertaken prior to finalization of the sale. When purchasing ranches for sale in Florida, it is important to have a survey of the property performed to ensure that the property you are planning to purchase is a wise investment.

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3 Reasons to Obtain a Land Survey

Land surveying is the technique and science of accurately validating, defining, and plotting the boundaries and structures of a property. A land survey also verifies that other important and related details within the deed such as streets, fences, and building locations are accurate and current. Without a proper and recent land survey, prospective buyers may find themselves in future encroachment and boundary disputes with neighboring properties.

Here are three main reasons why you should obtain a land survey before purchasing Florida ranches for sale:

1. Boundary Lines, gorges, overlaps, and gaps:: One of the primary purposes of a land survey is to determine the boundaries of the property. Unless otherwise stated, most surveys will stipulate that there are no discrepancies between the surveyed property and adjoining properties. Knowing this information ahead of time can help property owners avoid costly disputes between neighboring property owners in the future.

2. Right-of-ways and unrecorded easements: A survey will provide prospective buyers with necessary information regarding right of ways, unrecorded easements, and conditions imposed by law that are included in the property’s title report or other agreements. If the property is advertised as a 10 acre lot, for example, but 4 acres of the property are held as an easement for a possible county road in the near future, only 6 acres of the land is truly usable. This information is especially important for prospective buyers of ranches for sale in Florida to know.

3. Zoning classification: Some properties have restrictions that may affect how the property may be used. These type of restrictions, also known as zoning laws, are set in place by a governing authority to regulate the type of activities that may be performed on the property. A land survey will be able to determine if any zoning restrictions have been placed on a property and whether or not the property is in violation of any restrictions prior to the finalization of the sale.

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