Helpful Tips for Growing Strawberries in Florida

Florida farms for sale are great for strawberry farming because they promote growth and higher yields. There are a number of factors that can impact the growth and production of strawberries on farms for sale in Florida. Some of these factors include when to pick, weed management, and water requirements. With a sound strategy to help control these factors, as a farmer you can help ensure healthy and strong yields year after year. Outlined below, are a few tips on how to promote healthy growth and control threatening factors.

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When to Pick

During the first year, it is highly recommended to remove the blossoms of the plant as they appear to keep the plant from fruiting. Removing the blossoms from the plants will help develop stronger roots, which in turn will provide a greater yield in the following years. Strong roots are essential for healthy production and fruit bearing. After the first year, fruit will ripen typically 4-6 weeks after blossoming. Avoid leaving ripened berries or remnants of picked berries on the plant, this can encourage plant rot and attract unwanted pests.

Keep Weeds at Bay

Weed control for strawberries is absolutely necessary for successful farming. Before planting and throughout the growing process, the site should be thoroughly prepared and weed-free. Weeds make it difficult for strawberries to grow because they compete with the strawberries for light, water, and nutrients. Weeds also provide a shelter for unwanted insects that can cause major crop losses and can also be a source of disease, which can contaminate fruit and reduce the quality and volume of your yield.

Water Regularly

Due to the shallow roots of strawberries, retaining moisture in the soil is incredibly important to the health and growth of your crops. Approximately one inch of water per week is recommended for healthy growth. Adequate moisture is especially important when the runners (daughters) and flowers of the plants are developing. To help keep moisture locked in, consider adding a layer of organic mulch. A mulch bed is also very helpful for defending against weeds.

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